Margot L. Fass, MD

Board Certified Psychiatrist • Rochester, NY

Embarking on our journey together

New Patient Responsibilities

For my patients: Reminder list of important things to tell Dr. Fass for coding, documentation, assessment and treatment requirements at each visit (you can skip over items that don’t apply. NB: anything that you do NOT mention I will document as not applicable). For the remaining time we can discuss whatever you would like.

  1. Are there medication changes made by someone else or yourself?
  2. Are there medication changes you want me to make today and why?
  3. Do you need any refills of medication today?
  4. Have you had any lab tests done for your PCP or Dr. Fass? (If so, where and when)?
  5. What diagnosis and problems do you want to discuss?
  6. What if any changes have you noticed in your vital signs (weight, posture, Blood pressure, pulse rate and regularity, breathing rate and regularity)?
  7. What if any changes have you noticed in yourself (mood and affect, thought processes, hallucinations, judgment and insight, suicidal or homicidal ideas?
  8. Have your thoughts changed in any way? What have you been thinking about most?
  9. Have you done any reading relative to your condition(s): (handouts given, books recommended)?
  10. How have you changed your self-care (diet, exercise, social network, education, work and home environments)?
  11. Have you followed up on any of the recommendations for referrals? When are your next appointments with the person(s), or if not, why not?
  12. What are you hoping to work on next?

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